Elafonisi Resort

by Kalomirakis Family


Elafonisi Resort is located on the left side of the road just before the road turns to gravel road and goes down to the beach. At first you see the tavern and above it there are the buildings. When going to the yard beside a beautiful wall you can see all other buildings that are in the olive grove. On the area there is only one road and it takes to the beach and because of that, when evening comes, quietness and the noises of the nature is a fine experience; we are in Elafonisi.

Getting There

Local and International travel agencies organize bus trips to Elafonisi. A good choice is car rental, which makes it possible to stay longer at the beach. From the eastern harbour at Paleochora you can catch a boat to Elafonisi, but only if the weather permits.
Elafonisi is no more than a two-hour drive from Chania. There are two optional routes, one inland and the other is the coastal route. Both are worth the drive, and on the linked map both routes are marked with blue and green arrows. The blue route includes the tightest road tunnel in Crete and the beautiful Agia Sofia cave just north of the tunnel. The green route has rugged slopes and hills with beautiful scenery, and a good view of the western coast. The cape of Elafonisi is visible early from the coastal route.
If you want to see beautiful landscapes on the road to Elafonisi, choose the western green road. If you dislike a well-surfaced and well-kept road which takes you high up the hills and mountain slopes, choose the good and paved eastern blue route (see part of this route and Topolia tunnel in our video). The meeting point of the two routes, Kefali Village, is worth a stop, as the view from its taverns down to the Elafonisi Valley is breathtaking

The direct and shortest route from Paleochora and Elafonisi is quite rough and a difficult road to negotiate and not worth the trouble. This route demands fair driving skills especially after hard rain, and it is recommended you take the route via Elos to Elafonisi.

Map (click the mark-point for directions)